InfraAmerican | IT
Opensource Technologies
InfraAmerican is specialized in using open source technology developmental services to bring a plethora of business advantages including reduced cost and increased flexibility. We are quick to develop advanced software systems, bringing cost effective implementation on par with traditional paid software.
Driven by decades of expertise in a wide range of Microsoft technologies, InfraAmerican consultants follow practices and approaches to deliver best in class design, implementation, integration, and support services. We have expertise in Microsoft Dynamics ERP, GP, and CRM, as well as Microsoft Retail Management Systems, Office Tools, Microsoft FRx. We also have extensive knowledge in constructing and maintaining SQL, Windows, Exchange and small business servers.

Azure Technologies
InfraAmerican is extremely skilled in end to end Azurse assessment, migration, and management services. Our consultants accurately construct Azure Virtual Machines for both Windows and Linux platforms. We quickly and accurately create powerful cloud apps for web and mobile devices on Azure. We also specialize in many Azure PaaS services such as Azure Single Sign On, Azure SQL, MySQL, Oracle DB, and Storage.

InfraAmerican provides rapid, high-quality, and cost-effective SAP implementation and support services. We offer tailor made ‘legacy system to SAP platform’ migration services, enhance existing SAP implementation, integrate new SAP features into a pre-existing system, and provide best in class operations and maintenance services. Our team follows proven methodologies for better planning, building, managing, and improving SAP platforms.

AWS Technologies
InfraAmerican utilizes AWS services to the fullest extent, hosting applications on the cloud with included security as well as on demand scalability and cost. We have expertise in deploying web-based and mobile apps on AWS using various services including EC2, VPC, S3, RDS, CloudWatch, MicroServices, and Containers.

InfraAmerican offers android mobile app development, consulting, testing, design, and support services for native and cross-platform applications. We specialize in using backend services to reduce the size of the end app. For business Android Apps, we take care of all the design, development, testing, and deployment of your app, following the industry-best-practice for building Android apps and their UX in order to ensure your business is completely happy with the product we provide.

IOS Technologies
InfraAmerican uses hybrid technology to develop IOS apps quickly from scratch or to migrate your existing Android code to the IOS platform. We handle end-to-end IOS app development, including requirement gathering, architecture, design, development, testing, deployment, and even your go-to-market strategy. Our excellent UX and UI designers create an engaging user experience comprised of high quality user profiles, design flows, and user stories.

InfraAmerican offers LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) development and maintenance services which are currently used by millions of businesses for their IT needs. We offer complex programming and development for business’ internal and external web applications. Our team is highly proficient in various LAMP technologies and delivers high-quality software systems swiftly and accurately.